Topman Love


With this week being my final week of assignments I'm swamped. Queue the pick me up, when I received my Topman order! I got 2 sweater, a singlet, a t-shirt and a pair of earrings. Love love love. They aren't exactly things that I can wear in the winter at the moment, but investments for when I return home. I love the Mickey Mouse sweater, its got a vintage wear to it, so it's not uber 'I bought this straight from Disney world', my other sweater with the line backereqsue shoulders reminds be of Alexander Wang's Spring RTW 2010. And the other singlet and t-shirt I got just because they are fun, suiting summer. Finally these deer earrings I love love love they are pretty big, and a tad heavy but they sit really well against my ear so they're a keeper. 
Seriously online shopping is not good for me, give me a debit card and the internet and I'm a ready person to shop shop shop. Unfortunately however H&M is yet to open their online shopping to Ireland which sucks. I'm eager to find a way to see the Lanvin ♥ H&M collection in person, with the Limerick H&M unfortunately not stocking the collection. I'm thinking a Dublin trip, and if I do another massive shop with occur ahaha. The things I'll do for fashion. 
On another note the next H&M collaboration is rumored to be with Bottega Veneta, tres intense. 
Now back to make a database.. any takers??