FACE 2021



How do you keep yourself sane in a global pandemic? 
You stay Busy.

It is almost the end of the year. And I started this little project in January. Time is always and yet it is something we always forget about. It takes a major shifts for us to realign and remember the movement of time.

I wanted to document my face for an entire year. The task, take a natural selfie for 365 days. Why you may ask? I will counter that with Why Not? With my skin flaring up like never before in 2020, I wanted to track my skin to be able to respond to any slight changes to my colouring, texture to avoid any big bust ups. Basically encouraging myself to slow down and take a moment to check in.

I have a rather large folder of unflattering selfies that have chronicled my face every morning, showing the me in spots, messy hair, redness and all. Not to sound completely woke or philosophical, but it is a nice way to ground myself. There’s no filters, no photography tricks. Just some natural light and yours truly. I would be lying if iI didn’t say that I care about my face. I invest time and money in skincare both products, tools and lifestyle to help me feel my best.
It’s the same feeling I get with wearing fashion, I feel empowered and strong. Like a superhero in a rather expensive outfit. With my skin it’s the same. When i have clear smooth skin I feel my best. When i have to cover or I’ve got spots here and there it plays with my confidence.

What these photos do is to show the journey (ideally the minimal changes over time) but to remind me that this is a constant. My skin, my face is something I have to put effort in to reap the results. Through products, sleep, meditation, self love and time.

Will I do this next year? Probably not, be who knows what I'll do.