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As a child, I was never an avid reader... well reader full stop. My parents would take me and my siblings to the library and I was always the one with the picture books, comics, and encyclopedias. Throughout my schooling years, I read the prescribed books but hardly anything else. It was only when I was older in my late teens, struggling with my sense of self and sexual identity did I look to books as an escape. Granted not all of the LGBTQ books had positive storylines, it was comforting to read stories whether they were fiction or not. From that, it grew to Harry Potter, biographies, Chick Lit, Fantasy and others but always on and off. It was only after getting sick years back, secluding myself to home and work did I once again turn to books as an escape. The wonders of a local library. I must sound like a nerd but the wonder that you can get a book in Paper, Audio or as an eBook, making the excuse not to read a lot harder. Now I see books as everyone did when I was younger, a hobb…

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