/ˈbal(ə)ns/ noun

shirt: ZARA / denim: DIY / bag: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN / boots: BALENCIAGA 

I believe in self-love, self-care, mindfulness, and even spirituality. What I have an issue with is balance. I’m that person who will eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting… regardless of the size. I feel like balance is more of an aspiration than a destination. There’s that saying that you can have everything just not at the same time. Is that because there’s only so much we can balance? Like my favorite films, Something’s Gotta Give? Or You’ve got Mail?!… wait scrap that one.

Can we ever truly be balanced. Can work and play be evenly matched. Church and State, Dreams and Reality? I will be the first to admit that I’m not the best at balance. I’m more the fixated type. I’d like to say that my tried and true value = effort paves the way to the balanced land, but even then the delicate dance to get there is no piece of cake.

I believe is making the effort to be balanced. To live a balanced life. However, if anyone tells you they’re balanced, they’re lying.