If there was a shoe that summed up my early 20's it would be the UNIF Hellraiser.

Think of a classic loafer in grained leather, covered in sharp studs and you have the UNIF Hellraiser. I discovered them on defunct solestruck.com and was instantly taken away by the statement piece. At this age, I wasn't really into fancy designer footwear... yet. Statement shoes were my jam, the more different the better. The Hellraisers were indeed different and would set you off around $120. So it was safe to say that the attractive pricepoint led me to collect and replace many. 

I started with the classic black leather and silver stud and then got the gold stud and then a white leather with silver studs. There were many other variations like red leather, leopard pony and rainbow studs but I was happy with my pairs on rotation. They were on rotation so often that I had to replace them after I'd worn out the toe or heel. 

When I finally moved out of home I had a moment of wanting to clean out and downsize. Living my minimal fantasy, unfortunately, meant that the Hellraisers did not fit into that aesthetic, so out they went. I do wish I held onto a pair, as years later UNIF discontinued the shoe no doubt due to the endless amounts of cheaper knock offs and the endless cycle of trends. 

They were a great conversation starter at my first ever events where I felt socially awkward. I even had issues with travelling with them on planes as they were classed as weapons. I was told 'what happens if you choose to kick someone mid flight' ... oh the imagery. Best of all they were such an easy and comfortable shoe, whether looking dressy for photos to slipping them on and going down the street for a sneaky Maccas run. I have plenty of fond memories with these shoes.