ANTM Cycle 16 - Lana Marks

Alexandria (Credit: The CW)

This week following on from the drama at Panel, Brittani and Alexandria made up. Though Molly wasn't buying any of Alexandria's crap. Tyra helped the girls with their portfolios and revealed that after their next panel the remaining girls would be going to Morocco. She also revealed that the girls would be going on critical Go Sees where their performance would heavily affect their stake in the competition.

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The girls had 4 Go Sees with a fifth Go See for the top 3 girls for famous accessories designer Lana Marks.  
Alexandria had a massive advantage being from LA. She rocked the Go Sees while the others seemed to get lost or came across plain to the client. In the end Alexandria, Molly and Kasia came out on top, but it was Alexandria and her (somewhat) personality which won her a worldwide campaign with Lana Marks. 

For the photoshoot the girls were shot by 'noted fashion photographer' (and Judge) Nigel Barker at an LA Landfill wearing Eco-friendly Couture by Michael Cinco. I love love loved Brittani, Hannah and Alexandra's dresses they were so pretty, they did not look anything like trash. Mr Jay kept on getting bird poop on him, I felt bad but it was really funny though ahaha.  

At panel, Alexandria was praised for her great performance in the Go Sees and photoshoot earning her the first call out. Brittani redeemed herself with an amazing photo, but her Go See performance was under par. However it was Molly and Jaclyn who were in the bottom two. Molly for her bitchy attitude away from the camera and client (which cost her the challenge win with Lana Marks, Marks revealed at panel) and Jaclyn for her lackluster photo and poor Go See performance. Molly's great portfolio saved her leaving Jaclyn to be eliminated.  

My favourite shots from the episode were from my favourite girls Brittani and Hannah. Brittani looks so graceful and elegant, though she is surrounded by trash. Her dress looks so liquid it's tres amazing. And I'm love love loving Hannah's pose and that dress! (Click on the images for a bigger shot)

Brittani & Hannah (Credit: The CW)