ANTM Cycle 16 - Daniella Issa Helayel

Molly (Credit: The CW)

Top Model is getting fierce with the final 4 Models being pushed to new limits.

The Models sat down with Vogue Italia Editor-In-Chief Franca Sozzani and Miss Jay for tea, having a portfolio meeting. Then a challenge where they have to balance tea trays (with tea) on their heads. Using these skills they had a Tea Dance challenge where Brittani won. She got the chance to have a teach with Miss Jay which she shared with Hannah.

For the photoshoot the girls where in the Medina Souq for a high fashion photoshoot continuing the story from their last camel shoot.

At Panel, designer Daniella Issa Helayel was the guest judge with her clothes use in the shoot. Molly's shot got her her third first call out, two in a row now. Hannah and Alexandria landed in the bottom 2, but it was Alexandria who was sent home.
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I can't stop thinking that this is one of the closest cycle that I've ever seen! The final three girls have all got a first call out, all been in the bottom 2. Exciting stuff. And I'm pretty chuffed that Hannah made it, I thought she would've been sent home today but I'm so happy she's still in.

Brittani, Molly & Brittani (Credit: The CW)