Style Diary - My Big Mac

I love love love me some outerwear.

With it being winter, majority of the time when I go to work or to uni I like to throw on a big jacket. I love love love how it covers everything so all I have to do is pair it with a scarf and some pants. The trench coat is my current fave, being long and having a waistband to add some shape to the silhouette its a perfect piece for me.

Now I have this Machintosh Coat which I got from London. It was apart of the Lanvin ♥'s H&M collection, I picked it up from Oxford Street. It's a large coat with with a thin tie on the waist. I haven't really worn the piece yet, just because it is very intense coat. But now come winter I'm bringing it out!

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Being well me, I wanted to play with this coat. So for this look I wore this Topman t-shirt with a drop crotched jumpsuit with the coat on top. Adding some structure to the coat I put on this thick black belt that I made myself. The belt is tres amazing because its just a simple band that give me shape and a 'thin aspect' to me.

Finally accessorising I added this Zara briefcase which was gifted from my wifey, my Marc by Marc Jacobs cuff and by black high Zipia boots.

For a day to day or a 'rushed' day I'd take the coat and belt, pair it with some black and a scarf and bam I'm done!

MachintoshLanvin ♥'s H&M
T-Shirt - Topman
Drop Crotch Jumpsuit - Cotton On
Belt - Made by MARTAN
Cuff - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Boots - Zipia
Briefcase - Zara