[T-B/L-R] Harbour Bridge - MBFFS - MBFFS Festival Hub - The Opera House 

 I'm back!

I had a great trip to Sydney last week. It was a well needed trip, to relax and soak up a different place. I got to attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney; seeing the Review of Australian Fashion Week and the Myer Designer Show. With my fingers crossed, the weather managed to stay sunny and bright for the entire trip! It helped when walking around the Harbour, Oxford Street and the like.

I'll share more of my trip tomorrow! 

I love love love a good trip. I think they are good to a. escape life for a little bit, b. relax and shop and c. to get some perspective and clarity. This trip was great to put some things into place for me; about the future, prospects and more. I want me some more trips now!