TSEN Cape + Song for the Mute Curved Denim + Sportsgirl Ring + Trippen Boots + Tissot Watch + Gold Septum

What a year it has been. If it were to sum up my Style Diary for 2012 I would use to the word refined... I have a greater emphasis on the silhouette I create. Whether it be from a structured piece to a luxe accessory I have aimed to add that bit of polish on my looks from the year before. Another addition this year was my inclusion of more Australian designers. Though sometimes hard to find, once you find one who satisfies yours aesthetic you hold on tight and never let go. In comes in my final look featuring my new Cape by Australian designer TSEN. It adds much definition to my thin frame, with exaggerated square shoulders and two slits for my arms. Fashion meets a straight jacket? 

photos: yvonne

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