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I never saw the real need for a pinterest account until recently. Having various social media apps I failed to see the what this app could offer to me, but now I see it as my visual archive for everything. Whether it be Menswear Coverage, Interiors or Favourite Editorials, I find that I am slowly building folders of anything that suits me fancy at the ready for me to dive into it when I see it. So feel free to check out my folders. I promise to eventfully find a rhythm...


Menswear Spring Summer 2015 has begun. I have found great ease reviewing this season from my iPad mini... the simple joys I get by swiping from look to look and sharing it on various apps like pinterest and the blog. This season I seem to be drawn to the use of Pinstripes. Whether it be in a classic silhouettes from Matthew Miller or the complete artistic direction taken by JW Anderson. Cut and Paste Patchworks from both MAN and Christopher Shannon ignite my inner DIY self. I am happy to see a trend of Boilersuits (male jumpsuit) from the likes of Versace, JW Anderson and Iceberg... the promise that one day I will possibly expand my Boilersuit collection excites me. Blazers this season have been solid Double Breasted or Belted. Emphasising a strong idea of crossover and coverage, which tends to contrast well against shorts and skinny leg trousers. 

Coming soon - MILAN TO PARIS

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