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t-shrit: UNIQLO x KEITH HARING - shorts: DIY - shoes: CELINE
(s) = Similar

I believe fear to be a type of energy. That it’s something you give to someone whilst you take their clean energy. It sounds a bit kooky but go with it. Growing but I was scared of everything. The dark, bugs, nightmares, shadows, thunder, lightning... again you name it. As I get older it’s not that I’m not scared or fearful, instead, I am more protective over my energy to let it be taken and replaced with a sense of fear. A common cockroach used to have the ability to induce paralysis and even a schreak, but it a little twitch and it’s dealt with. My fear of flying only happens when on said flight, and unfortunately, that’s a bit harder to tame. There are key moments where I remember this energy exchange occurs, burnt into history like mistakes or celebrations. As if they are just as monumental.

I ask myself whether I have been on the other end of fear. Have I given it out, taking someone’s clean energy. I no doubt have, to someone or something even without knowing. Not that I see fear as a tool in my everyday. Fear, like taxes and dare I say death is something that simply happens. But unlike the later, there are ways in which to understand and even control it.