meet : christopher kane

A Brother Sister Powerhouse - meet Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane reminds me of my early 20's. A sense of colourful experimentation and freedom. I remember buying my first pieces and being in awe, not because people knew of his work but more so what it meant to me. The brand Christopher Kane was founded by you guessed it designer Christopher Kane and his sister Tammy. Having graduated from the famous Central Saint Martins, Kane launched his brand, pushing the boundaries in bold and unique ways that still find their way onto red carpets and everyday wardrobes. I love the way Christopher Kane's work is mainstream enough to be seen but still uses rather interesting subjects like jelly details with crystal edges or layers and layers of lace. Nowadays people would recognize Christopher Kane from their 'More Joy' line which again is a cheeky way to push taboo subjects into the mainstream. Whether through paint, sexual lace innuendos or simply asking for 'more sex' Christopher Kane's brand is a master at making you want it all.