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MTV has released the trailer of the American version of Skins. I'm finding that there isn't much of a difference literally, names are the same storyline is the same. Though I must admit the I prefer the British cast, I don't see this American show working. 



Stephy Perry said…
It looks shit! seriously what where they thinking... i've been hearing about this for months about how good it is hey're making an american version well sorry USA but your fucking pathetic... i'm sensing history has a knack for repeating itself and this trainwreck's gonna be exactly like they time they tried to re-make Kath&Kim in USA and translate all the cultural in-jokes and somehow hope it would still be humourous & comical.

MARTAN said…
Agreed. I find it really cut and copy that the entire story line has been copied. I don't think you can replicate it and make it work especially the essence of skins is British humor. Intense confusion xx

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