Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow with packages!

Snow has began to fall in Ireland, first falling in Limerick on Sunday it was pretty cool seeing it fall in real life. And I must say I still don't like rain but I'll take snow any day. 
Anywho, with the unexpected snowfall comes unexpected package arrivals! I must note for all readers that this will be one of the last in my shopping posts for the year. I'll be packing up and travelling soon, leaving no permanent address... till I come home of course! Back to the package, I ordered a denim/faux leather jacket and a set of conical stud earrings. I love love love the jacket, I've wanted one of these for a while though I'm still on the hunt for biker vest/gillet. 
Follow the jump for my purchase photos.


My Package!


Being a skinny Asian guy, I find that my stature often is too small for mens clothing. It sucks sometimes though it allows me to wear jackets and the like from places like Topshop and all. Don't even get me started with jeans ahaha love love love.