End and the Beginning of a Decade

So it's the end of 2010, and the beginning of 2011. I didn't even really realize that it was the end of a decade (and no I don't live under a rock). Every time around this time I get all contemplative, thinking about what I've done in the past year and then thinking about what I want to do in the future. This year was pretty big for me. I worked two jobs in the first half of the year trying to save enough money for my travels. And then the other half I found myself in Europe traveling around 10 countries, studying in Ireland, making great memories and friends.

I loved 2010, the concept of growth and new experiences is something important to me. And for 2011 and the next decade I hope for more great and fond experiences, moments and friendships. I have a few goals I want to achieve, but thats just for me to know... and when they do happen I'll sure share it on the blog. 

With new years of course comes my resolutions, though I normally make a huge list of them each year, this year I've only got three...
  • Save up to travel in 2011... Take a spontaneous trip somewhere
  • Attend or work in fashion week
  • Focus only on the things that make me happy

And of course I'll be taking MARTAN into 2011. So stay tuned my readers whom I love love love

Happy New Years to all, where ever you are and whoever you are with I wish you all the love and happiness possible.