This week I planned to get my life in order; to settle in and get ready for the year ahead. 

A bit late, but heck I have been overseas...

After six months I finally got to hang out with my best friends Krystal and Yan, one of those friendship where you can simply pick up where you left off and everything is peachy. I spent my single Valentine's Day with them enjoying a fine and well cheap $4 pizza, a classic favourite of mine. 
I also spent more time with Krystal taking tons of photos for the blog. It's a lot more fun taking photos with a friend, though taking photos on a hot summers afternoon wasn't too comfortable ahaha. Stay tuned for the photos 

I saw Natalie Portman's
No Strings Attached, it was pretty good. I'm a sucker for Portman movies I've found. And it was great was to escape the summer heat.