So... I've been officially back home for over a week. 
Whether I'm fully accustomed to being here is another story. 
All in all it is a good to be home.

Unpacking was a bitch. Going to put that out there bluntly, but then again packing was a bitch too ahaha. Mainly just because I've got so much clothes and the like already, and making space for them when you really don't have much space tends to create a problem. Not that I would ever sacrifice any of my clothes as they are my pretties and I will love them forever.. or something like that. 

It was my birthday last weekend. Turned the big 20, which for me was a pretty big thing entering adulthood number territory. Being someone who doesn't really celebrate his birthday I just hung around with the family and went out to dinner with one of my best friends Krystal and watched Black Swan for the fifth time. It's a good movie, slightly obsessed I know... I did get myself a present... well I got it in London and I'm justifying the purchase as a birthday gift. I got myself an Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf, on my wishlist I know so I'm a very happy and I love love love it!

Happiness -
My key word for the year. I find that with each year I tend to set resolutions like many people around the world, though I think this year I've decided to simply have words. At the moment the main one is Happiness and then with that I'm thinking Ambition as well. I find that in life, what really is it without happiness? That at the end of the day if you aren't happy or on your way to it what are you doing? So in light of this Happiness and the pursuit of it along with the ambition to succeed and furthermore be happy is what I aim for this year.