ANTM Cycle 16 - Alek Wek

Credit: The CW

This week's Top Model came with a lot of tears, bitchiness and fierce photos... so really in essence an average day in the top model house.

The girls were made to face their own inner critic, leading to a multitude of teary breakdowns. Ondrei, one of my favourites revealed that she had recently lost her two brothers before the competition and that she may have entered this competition before she is ready. 

For their photoshoot the girls had to take a beauty shot with jewelry and just to make it that bit interesting, bees. And finally at panel featuring supermodel Alek Wek, Ondrei admitted to the judges that she wasn't ready to give her 100% and left the competition. But in a Tyra twist she said that if Ondrei's photo wasn't the worst one girl would leave the competition as well, leading for Nicole to leave.

I was sad that Ondrei left, but I can understand that she needs her time. I love love loved Brittani, Hannah and Molly's shots. 


Brittani & Molly 
Credit: The CW