ANTM Cycle 16 - Francesco Carrozzini

Hannah (Credit: The CW)

This week's Top Model led the girls to a new fiery heights, walking in a runway show for designer Geoffery Mac infamous designer for Lady GaGa. In a twist however the girls had to light their hands on fire while walking down the runway. I love love loved the clothes on the runway and the way the girls used the flames in a fierce vogue. Dalya won the challenge for her intense walk.

Instead of a photoshoot the girls had a commercial shoot for the faux product 'Fierce Roast Coffee' in a Mad Men inspired shoot. Like in Cycle 15 this commercial idea replaced the old Covergirl commercial challenge.

At panel Kasia and Hannah got great props for their shoots as Alexandria got a bad rap for her attitude on set. Sara and Alexandria found themselves in the bottom two, though it was Sara to leave.


Alexandria, Brittani & Monique (Credit: The CW)