Golden Week

(L-R) Organising Photos, Design Homework, Me and Yan & On the way to Uni...

Last week I finally went to uni... attempting a Golden Week.
However my timetable prevents me... ah well.

Studying a Bachelor of Communcations I study Public Relations, Media and Design. I'm realizing that this semester's design units are probably going to kill me, it seems tres intense especially as it is a final unit and the majority do plan to use this work for future employment needs. Having been on exchange for the past semester, my study routine (or lack there of) needs to be revived and put in place... hmm. I must say it was great to see all my uni friends.

A blast from the past, something I tend to love but then after time I tend to cringe. I was at Yan's house with Krystal and we went through some of our old photos from high school. I couldn't stop laughing and once again cringing. In light of this we took more photos, just for future reference and all ahaha.

Homework... another part of university which I've never been fond of. Though I must admit group work takes the cake. I've got design homework literally as we speak.. it's killing me. I don't mind doing some work, but this is work at the moment is intense... I'm really more interesting in the blog or taking photos and other ventures. An update for the MARTAN blog, as you can see I have a 'Watch this Space' on the sidebar. Fingers cross by next month I'll have another addition to the blog. Fingers crossed!!