Last week was just intense. Don't get me wrong, I love love loved it.

With a full week of uni, work and then on top of that L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival I was swamped. 

As weird as it sounds I love a certain degree of the stress associated with being busy. I like the rush and the adrenaline when you are trying to organize and  do things simultaneously, this would probably explain why I work so much in every aspect of life. I'm really not the type of person who likes to laze around for too long.

So with uni and work the same old same old, but this week was special because it was the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. This year was my first fashion week I attended, as last year I was way too busy with working to save up to travel and then travelling throughout the year. I got to attend 2 Runways and 2 Trunk Shows, a healthy dose of fashion for me. I would of loved to of gone to more but for my first I'm pretty chapped by it. I have to really thank my Big Sis and Jane my fashion fairy godmother for the millionth time for getting me access to some of these great events. 

I finally got to meet up with my wifeys Yan and Krystal this week, for fashion week and then for dinner at Trunk downtown. Its such a cute rustic restaurant, though I must admit I had one too many Synergy energy drinks which somewhat dampened my appetite but all in all a great night with the girls.

I'm kind of happy for a more of a chill week, balance it out. Though I wouldn't mind another week of fashion ahaha, that'll never change. Stay tuned this week for a wishlist, lookbook and maybe a sneak peek post x