Coffees with Yan, My altered Blazer, Comfort Food & Birthday Cake

So you know how last week I said I wanted to chill... well I got a cold. So the wrong chill...

Normally when I get sick it's because I do too many things over a long period of time, you know uni, work, socialize and then couple that with no sleep.. I'm normally sick for a good week or two. But no this is just your simple cold. Not Happy. Regardless of my sickness however, (though I did skip uni) I worked and did my homework, no rest for the wicked you see.

To keep myself busy I watched a lot of TV online.. well more than the norm. It's kind of annoying at the moment because all my favourite shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, Grey's Anatomy, Better With You and such are on some annoying break so I only really watch my reality shows at the moment. But with being sick and wanting something mind numbing I ended up watch The Model Agency about the British Premier Model Agency and a bit of Alan Carr and Loose Women.

It was my little brother's birthday on Friday. I must admit it is really weird having our family grow up so to speak. No longer are we kids in high school, instead we work, study and have our own lives..weird.

Tonight I'm going to a Masquerade Ball for work. I'm uber excited mainly because I made my own mask and stuff. I'll post later. x