Last night I went to a work awards night themed a Masquerade Ball. With that being said images of Gossip Girl and the like came into my head (not that it was like that) but heck I thought why not make something special for the event. So I gots myself some feathers, paint, a mask and my trusty glue gun out. Above were some of the random sketches in my diary I did while I was bored...

Follow the jump to see what and how my design turned out...



I got my blazer and stitched on a pair of black shoulder pads. I did this just so that I had a base to glue my feathers on, as well as not ruin the blazer is something went wrong.
On my rampant search for feathers I found this feather boa-likee lining, so with my glue gun I glued lines of the boa onto the shoulder pad as a foundation for the rest of my feathers.
Once I did that I randomly glued an assortment of black feathers, to give a bit of wild texture to the shoulders.

Wallah, my final touch was to add a few long blue feathers, just for a bit of colour. And my feathered blazer is complete. 

The Mask

I bought this full face mask from Spotlight. Though when I put it on... it just squashed my face. So me being me, I ended up cutting the forehead and the mouth off. When I thought of the mask I wanted something mysterious and slightly weird ahaha. Because the fit was weird I had to pad the eyes and the nose inside the mask so it sat better.
Once I cut the mask I made paper triangle prisms and stuck them on the mask. Annoyingly enough I wanted to paint the mask black, however I didn't have any black paint... every colour in the rainbow BUT black. So I mixed them all to get this slate gray. I also added a texture paste and metallic iridescent to add dimension to mask. 

To finish the mask I put more of the metallic iridescent on the prisms so that looked like studs.

The Result

So yes I had a fun night out. Feathers out and all.