ANTM Cycle 16 - Eric Daman

Jaclyn (Credit: The CW)

Drama drama this week on Top Model. Firstly the girls had an epic challenge, modelling for the Ford Warrior's Breast Cancer Campaign shot by Nigel. Alexandria comes out on top winning herself a 2012 Ford Focus. This created a huge uproar with Brittani snapping  and yelling at Alexandria on set, a big no no. For the photoshoot the girls went to Universal Studios for a 'Crazy for Fashion' inspired shoot, Eric Daman stylist for Gossip Girl styled the shoot.

At panel Nigel brings up the fight at the challenge leading Brittani to voice her anger and consequently have a panic attack.Funny enough the panel didn't care for Brittani's excuses for getting angry, and they praised Alexandria for her cool, calm nature. Weird. Anywho Jaclyn's makeup obsessed shot got called out first, and it was Mikaela who was sent home though Tyra herself admitted that she wanted Brittani to leave. Drama drama no?

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Alexandra & Molly (Credit: The CW)