ANTM Cycle 16 - Highlights and Catfights

Credit: The CW

As with all Top Model cycles, once it hits halfway there is a recap episode. Sometimes they are just plain boring. Recapping things that I've seen before and all, but Cycle 16's episode proves to be good.

Going through the cycle, it showed never before seen footage of Hannah and her Chakra crystals, Jaclyn and her baby personality, Sarah's fun personality and my FAVOURITE Monique! I think her voice and character is hilarious. That's the best thing about these recaps, you get to see the model being normal and fun. From Monique's stress with her booty and Kasia's age and beauty regime.

At least this week's ep gave me a few laugh. But I'm ready to the business end bitches!

Next week the models head to Morocco, I'm very happy that a few of my picks are still in the finals. Exciting stuff.