(Top-Bottom/L-R) Work Weather, Attending Classes, Birthday Cocktails and Shopping at work...again.

It is finally April! Weird that I'm so excited by this month you think? Valid point however, as readers will know I've been harping on about something coming in April and the wait will be nearly over I promise! I'm not going to label a concrete date as yet, but stay tuned to the blog and the MARTAN facebook Page to be first in the know when the news breaks.

Last week was fun, a good mix of work and play. After recovering from being sick it was back to work, and uni life. I ended up working a lot throughout the week, which is great more shifts means more money equals shopping...this is what 13 years of maths has given me. I ended up buying some random gold ribbed ring (which I can't stop wearing), another pair of drop crotch harems, a belt, pair of jeans and a few singlets. . I managed to get  myself motivated to go to uni... I kinda need to pull up my socks in that department.

I had a great night on Wednesday. I went to a birthday dinner at Spice Temple at Crown Casino. Tad pricey but it was a lot of fun. Food, drinks and conversation love love love.

I promise by next week a MARTAN announcement will occur. So keep in touch!