Style Diary - Drop Crotch Love?

Anyone who knows me, or seen me knows I love love love me some drop crotch pants. I to tend to go through fads where I just continue to collect different types of clothing. One time it was skinny jeans, then Harems and now and still drop crotch pants. I think it mixes the best of both worlds, a bit of a skinny calf, pockets and a low crotch which plays around with my silhouette.

 I found this pair of maroon drop crotch pants while I was in Malaysia. I remember seeing them and thinking that they are tres intense, so know me I had to try them on. And I got them then and there.

Just a fun casual look, paired with one of my few coloured print t-shirts. This one is from River Island, and my favourite and yet killer boots. And when I mean killer I mean killer on my feet, but fun for a photoshoot.

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T-Shirt - River Island
Pants - Malaysia (no brand)
Bracelet - H&M
Boots - Zipia

Photo Credit: Demin Eyes aka Krystal