Sunny Days, Driving in G's convertible, Photo Outfit Prep & Gok Wan at Fountain Gate

Having neglected uni since being sick it was time for me to pull up my socks well figuratively of course and get a move on with things.Which I did, I just tried to get on top of my work and all which was successful and rewarding. With this being hopefully my last year I do hope to end my course on a good note. Hopefully.

Throughout the week Krystal and I took photos for the blog. I'm tres excited to post them soon. We also did some shopping here and there, I can't stop myself... On the weekend I held a little dinner party/get together with my wifeys, which was fun. Good food and long conversations. Something money can't buy.

On Sunday I went with my friend Steph to Fountain Gate to see Gok Wan's Westfield Style Tour. I got to even meet and be face to face with Gok on stage, stay tuned for the post tomorrow.

Note the countdown timers on the blog. As promised I'll me announcing news soon. Bit by bit.