[T-B/L-R] Me Time with old Shop Till You Drop, Packages Galore, Rocking my Turquoise armour ring & Dinner at Ito 

Last week seems like a blur. You know when you try and look back on the week and it feels like it was a mile away?

I got myself a new space. Since returning home from travels I'm still at home trying to save up again, and I've moved around the house now I've got my own room which I dub my 'studio' just because it's got enough room for everything from my bed to my sewing machine and clothes! Very happy chap with my studio. I cannot wait to get fully settled and start putting the space into use.

Less than one month till my semester is over! It's that time in the semester when all of my assessments are due so it's a very hectic time for me trying to get everything done while trying to juggle posts, a life and work.

Packages packages came for me as well. Which I'm really happy with. I cannot wait to show you all my new finds and some new things for MJS in the coming months! Now I've just got to do more of that saving I've been talking about and less of the spending ahaha.

It is pretty intense to think how time flies.
I remember coming home from travels like it was yesterday, and even when I left for travels as well. Now it's nearly halfway into 2011! Tres intense I say, but it's all good as long as I'm busy and happy.

Success and Happiness is the key lovelies