ANTM Cycle 16 - Ivan Bart

Molly (Credit: The CW)

With the final of America's Next Top Model only one week away the final 3 girls stepped it up to ensure their spot in the final two. In an 'The Insider' Challenge, the models had to interview and create a 90 second report on 3 different Moroccan beauty items. Surprisingly Molly altered her hard personality, having a professional and inviting report winning the challenge.

Tyra showed up for a chit chat with the models, gaining insight about each model's past and dreams. And just for fun Tyra did a makeshift photoshoot with the girls. For the real photoshoot, panel judge Nigel Barker shot the girls on a Moroccan coastline with the theme of marriage. Each model evoked different emotions, trying to interpret their own stories. At panel Vice President of IMG Models Ivan Bart was the guest judge. Molly got her fourth first call out landing her a spot in the final. Ultimately Brittani was chosen as her competitor, narrowly beating Hannah for having great inner strength. 

Now Molly and Britanni will battle it out for a chance to be America's Next Top Model, landing CoverGirl and walking in a Vivienne Westwood runway show. Exciting stuff!

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Molly & Hannah (Credit: The CW)