Banana Birkin?

So back around Christmas time I did a 'Dear Santa' post, which was basically me having a really long wishlist just for the holiday season. Well on that list I wrote that I wanted a Birkin Tote bag. So time past and I totally forgot about it till I saw a customer at work with a hot pink Birkin Tote and being... well me I investigated I got myself.. well two.

These Birkin Totes are made by Banane/Banana Taipei. Like the Hermes Birkin (the one where you had to be on a waiting list) believe it or not but these totes aren't manufactured often so I had to order them and wait for them to be made then shipped. A long wait. But the wait is over! I got myself on Orange and Purple tote, just because knowing me and my wardrobe of neutrals that these colours would stand out well. 

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I am in love love love with my totes. I've kind of been collecting random totes ever since my travels in Europe. I especially like these ones because they have sturdy handles and a magnetic button to close the bag. They can carry a lot, though I don't really want to test their capabilities as I do want to keep them for a while. But yes a great bag, should of got it sooner! Which one do you like better my Orange or Purple?

Wanting a Banana Birkin Tote? Visit: http://bananataipei.com/

Me rocking out my Birkin Totes. Wearing simple Zara V, Black Skinnies and MARTAN Antique Turquoise Ring.