(T-B/L-R) European Suitcase Home, Vegie Bar with Wifey, At uni... & Born This Way!

My other suitcase which I shipped home was finally delivered last week; I'm finally home.

It was kind of weird going through all of the stuff. It was mainly full of magazines and blazers (which I totally forgot I had), but yes I've fully returned home...

My first semester of this year is nearly over with 2 long weeks ahead. I have no exams which is a plus. Though on the other hand I have 2 folios and reports due. Hopefully I get it all done in time!

I managed to catch up with the Wifey Krystal last week for Vegie Bar (loving my Vegan Pizza) and after work for a late night dinner and chit chat. She's going to Europe next month which I'm tres jealous about, even though I've only come back in the recent months. Very Jealous ahaha.

I got my hands on Lady GaGa's sophomore album Born This Way on friday. Since her album was leaked shops decided to release the album early, so I grabbed a copy before work. I must say I don't really buy CDs so this is a big thing for me. Luckily I'm a very happy chap with the album love love loving Marry The Night, Hair, The Edge of Glory, Fashion of His Love, Electric Chapel, Heavy Metal Lover and well lets say I love love love the album fullstop.

I've added a few new items on my wishlist. I'm in somewhat of a conflict in which order I should purchase each one. Keeping my options open about the future and stuff, I don't like to save...But hopefully in a few more weeks I'll be able to cash in and purchase them, and of course I'll post to celebrate!

The one main thing I learn this week is that you have to be Proud of yourself and your work. Because if you aren't why should anyone else be? x