Hello Harlow Love.

I like jewellery. I guess that is really no surprise well A. because I love to shop and B. I have my own Jewellery Store online. I believe that accessories are key to a wardrobe (that sounded really naft... but I'm going with it). A accessory can make a look more dressed up, casual and even more expensive and noticeable. That being said I have a a fair collection of jewellery in particular. It isn't a crazy expensive collection just bits and pieces I've gotten from travels, gifts and the like. I go for the interesting and unique.

Also a note is that I'm not really a celebrity product endorser. Celeb perfumes? No. But there are some instances where the Celeb becomes more than a Celeb, which I believe is the case with Nicole Richie. I've kinda been following her from post Simple Life to current Designer and Mother. Her brand House of Harlow 1960 has really nice pieces, and so heck I wanted me some Harlow....

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As featured on my wishlist, I wanted the Onyx Textured Wrap Ring and the Black Leather Starburst Cocktail Ring. I got the Wrap ring first with Krystal at Mocha, whom stock House of Harlow 1960 to my surprise. And then the Sunburst ring from ShopBop, mainly because no where had my size or the Black Leather design in stock.

[LEFT] Textured Wrap Ring [RIGHT] Starburst Cocktail Ring 

I love love love these rings. I wear the wrap ring practically everyday because it's simple chic and practical. The Starburst Cocktail ring is such a statement, I pair it with casual looks just to mix things up a bit.

[TOP L-R] Textured Wrap Ring & Starburst Cocktail Ring (both House of Harlow 1960) & Gold Hooty Ring (MJS)
[BOTTOM L-R] Turquoise Armour Ring (MJS), Owl Ring (Gifted from USA) & Double Cross Ring 

Just a snapshot of some of the rings I've gotten recently, adding to my growing collection.