Lady GaGa - V Magazine #71 Spread

Intense GaGa (Credit: V Magazine)

Here is Lady GaGa's spread and interview for V Magazine's Issue #71 the Asian Issue. GaGa is interviewed by Elton John, whom's son Zachery is GaGa's Godmother. 

I love love love GaGa with the black shall I say 'Sailor Moonesque' hair. GaGa's first article for V Magazine as a columnist also is in the Issue. This issue can be purchased in a hard bound copy with proceeds going towards the Japan Earthquake Fund, and you also score a free T-Shirt with GaGa's cover on it! You can purchase this copy on the V Magazine website. 

GaGa's promotion for Born This Way have heated up with her performing at London's Radio 1's Big Weekend and as recent releasing promotional tracks Hair and Marry the Night. Songs that I love love love I cannot wait for the album!
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