[T-B/L-R] Dumplings with the Wifey, Makeshift Product Set, Movies & Rainy City

Last week I lost my voice, not completely so I had this husky deep 'Government Hookeresque' voice.
So not that fun after a few days...

It was a pretty busy week for me. After realizing that I have less than a month till first semester is finished I'm hitting the books. A combination of folios and reports all to be done asap! Its semi exciting that it is coming to an end, I'm yet to feel all nostalgic and all though.

I also met up with a lot of my lovelies this week. Dinner with the Wifeys, lunch with Steph, lunch with Krystal Wifey and movies with Sammy. I saw Thor with Sammy on Saturday in 3D. It was an okay movie it lacked a bit of oomphf in my books storyline wise, but since it is apart of a huge series I'll just have to see what comes out next.

I received some love love lovely materials to create products for an upcoming MARTAN Jewellery Store line which will be my first original product line! I also took shots for the MAY Product line which is due out next week with my makeshift white photo booth. Keep an eye out for the new products and upcoming news on the MARTANStore Twitter or the MARTAN Facebook!

The month of May everything is going to be tres intense with uni and work and well everything, which I'm excited for just to be really fast paced. I hope I can keep up!