(T/B-L-R) Night after work, Homework, Lunch with the Wifey's & Working on MJS with Music

My final week of Semester 1.. Fun.

Last week I stepped up the homeworkingness, well mainly just because I need to hand in things soon. Presentations, folios and the like. I must say when you finally bite the bullet and put in the effort, the feeling of satisfaction is pretty good!

In my busy busy week I managed to squeeze in a lunch with the Wifey's, well mainly because the Wifeys me me on the way back from Uni. Good (and cheap) food and conversation.

With uni, got my work and then work on MJS, preparing for the next product line. I'm very excited to share, introducing some new stuff into the mix. Though I'm still working on a few details stay tuned!

I've got so many plans to do ONCE I'm done with this week's work. Everything is due this week so once its done I'll hopefully have more time for my creativeness and all.. well that's the hope at least.

Persistence is key. 

In life we often, (well I) want to control things and time, it's hard to let go and let 'time take its natural course'. As results are a representation of efforts from a period of time, waiting for those results can be very hard and at times when we don't see the results we want we try to rectify them immediately. But again it is Time. That one thing in life which we cannot control and yet we live by. Thus persistence is that key.