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Semester One done! One good all nighter I'm halfway through the year.

I had a fairly busy busy last week. With my folios and final reports due I had to spend time at home doing homework. I'm not the type to just simply sit and do (that's why I'll never see myself in a desk job) I get too antsy. But yes when push came to shove I got it all done.

I caught up with many a lovelies over the week. Surprisingly I got to go to Chadstone twice, and I don't really go there so that was fun. Not so good for my bank account, but still I practiced a moderate amount of restraint. I scored Jacket, Cardigan and a tres cool necklace. Very chuffed about the cardigan I must say.

Being antsy around the end of the week, and in anticipation for my break I wrote myself a long list of things to do before I go back to uni. You know just your general things and then some more in detail. I'm one of those people who has to write things down to remember and then to do as well. (I get satisfaction ticking something off...)

I've got some things up my sleeve for the blog and store so hopefully over the break I'll be able to test a few of these ideas out which I hope you love love love!

Anywho what have I done since finishing the semester?.. Work. Earning a bit of cash just for some future things. Travel, MJS Products and some love love lovely wishlist items...a good balance.

Throughout this hectic week I... not learnt but realized that sometimes it's good to just look up into the sky. I know sounds so weird and trivial, but I think personally when I'm overwhelmed or stressed I just look up to the cloud or whatever is around. It keeps me grounded; and gives me a bit of perspective. And especially with the nice weather last week it was pretty nice to look up to milky clouds and sunshine.