Style Diary - Leopard? Love Love

I've always been on the fence with prints.

My wardrobe is predominately made up of black and dark tones. I'm not a 'printed' person. There are only a handful of printed things in my wardrobe and probably only 2 or 3 pieces I wear. With this being said I really wanted a leopard printed garment. Whilst in Europe I tried to look for leopard pants.... no luck. I guess I'm picky when it comes to my prints, and in leopard's case I was even more particular. Luckily after some good old online shopping I found it (well the print) in a blazer. 

I got it off Zipia, a wholesale clothing site. Whenever wifey Yvonne or myself feel like injecting something fresh and unique into our wardrobes (and when we both can afford it) we order off the site. Everything isn't branded but if you look hard enough you can find some great things. These days more and more I find myself shopping for a silhouette than a brand or a print. To me it's all about the shape. Another noted buy off Zipia are my favourite killer black boots.

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So back to the blazer. It's silky and fitted, and of course features shoulder pads just to maintain structure. I love love love it. Since it's such a bold print, I paired it with a simple Hanes vee neck, my uber old but uber chic black skinnies and my MARTAN Turquoise Ring and Agate Necklace (coming soon to MJS)

This does not mean I'll be converting my wardrobe into a coloured and printed one. But here's to new things.

Blazer - Zipia
T-Shirt - Hanes
Jeans - JayJays
Necklace - MARTAN Jewellery