Style Diary - Made by MARTAN? Pants

I have a confession. I collect clothes... and fabric. 

Before I left for Europe I had many a visits to fabric stores collecting anything I thought was... well pretty and unique. So in essence fabric I'd wear. On of my first purchases were this black polyester/cotton zebraesque fabric. Fast forward to the Easter Break, I decided to apply the fabric into a pair of pants! 

Me being a fan (or crazy collector) of  Drop Crotch Pants I thought I'd make myself my own pair, and I love love love the fabric. So after seven straight hours (at night) I went to bed (in the morning) with a new pair of pants!

I had this belt which I bought from Revival, it was faulty because it had no belt buckle but I had to have it. Like my fabric I had the belt for a long time trying to find a way to use it. Until I though to latch the belt onto the button on a blazer.

So here is my Style Diary look with my new pants and belt. I love love love the pants, and I can finally wear my belt! 

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Blazer - Cotton On 
T-Shirt - Country Road
Pants - MARTAN
Belt - Revival
Boots - Zipia
Watch - Tissot