Spare Time.

(T-B/L-R) Work Lunch, Pie with my Wifey, Looking Up & Birthday Cake

Finally on my Holidays, though I found myself busy busy with work.
I'm pretty bad when it comes to holidays. I get all of this spare time, so I fill it with work and the like. I don't like to have too much time on my hands so I tend to fill it with friends, work and randomness.

So this week I worked, which was good. I'm in desperate need for some cha ching ching if you know what I mean. I'm finding my love for shoes, clutches and well... everything is a very expensive hobby. And also I'm hopefully planning to go interstate and if I'm rich overseas by the end of the year so I must start to save now.... well soonish.

Besides work, I finally got time to get my 'studio' room organised and all. It's starting to look better, though I'm more the creative chaos person so it's getting there... in some shape way or form.

My big sis came home from Sydney for her Birthday which was great.. With everything changing, growing up and all it's nice to have the whole family in the Haus of Tan together.

I'm hoping to get some shots done for some more style diary posts, and some wishlist posts which I can finally do! Very excited to show, so fingers crossed!

In world full of religions and other 'higher' beliefs I've realised that we are all able to allocate enough belief into those areas, things that aren't proven real they're just things we believe in. Ironically when it comes more personal hopes we find ourselves doomed to fail. 
I think it's time to reallocate some of my hope to other places.