[T-B/L-R] Coffees, Food and Cocktails with Lovelies and Product Shoot

Last week was all about my lovelies.

I got to catch up with friends from high school, travels and the like. Its kind of insane to think of the time that you've known people. The memories and experiences shared. I to have a lot of food over great and long over due conversation. 

Slotting in between my busy social week I managed to get some shots done for MARTAN Jewellery and Style Diary shots. A lot of things are in its idea stages, I cannot wait to show you all. The product of all of this behind the scenes stuff!

On a uni front, I passed semester 1! I'm a very happy chap about it, one down one and a bit to go! What I plan to do after university is still up in the air. Additional study, work, study, move? All ideas for me to ponder in these months left in 2011. 

Control, something which I live by. Anything I can I try to. I think goes hand in hand with my independent nature. I've come to realize that as much as I want to, somethings just can't be controlled. From trivial things like the weather to other more complex things. As long as I have the passion for whatever I do my control is justified.