[T-B/L-R] Agate Heart, Lunching, Dinner and breakfast with the lovelies. 

Last week I had a relaxing week. 

I spent the majority of the week out with lovelies, catching up over meals and the occasional shopping trip..okay so maybe but occasional but still. I think I've moved on from the clubbing social scene and I'm more into cafes and chic restaurants. You can converse and eat food, and I can wear nice clothes without the fear of a drink being spilled on me. I'm getting old...er.

MARTAN Jewellery Agate Hearts will be out soon!
In its final stages, I cannot wait for you all to see each Agate heart all selected by myself. 
For a sneak peak of the July line, join the MARTAN Facebook. Product shots will be out at the end of this week.   

In other news. I'm going to Sydney! I cannot wait, I'm off in August for Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney. Going with one of my close lovelies, I'm hoping for fun, fashion and heck some expenditure. Exciting stuff ahead!