[T-B/L-R] Creating, Yvonne's 21st, Icy Desserts & Walking along a long St. Kilda Road.

A Birthday, Creative Flair and Work. Busy Busy

Last week was my wifey Yvonne's 21st Birthday. With her real birthday on the Monday I took her out for a much needed shopping and eating around the city. It had been a while since we've been shopping together. Back in high school we would plan weekends where we'd wake up uber early to tram to the city for a big shopping day. We went from Op Shops, Store Warehouses, the City, Savers and even out to Epping Plaza (for the first time). 

Throughout the week as well, we prepared for Yvonne's 21st party on Saturday. With the help of my lovely 'babes' Jessie and Tiff, we cooked, baked, decorated, moved and put up everything for the big shindig on Saturday. I must say the preparation work was so intense, long but at the same time it's the best part. Great memories of late night fooling around, maccas runs. I can proudly say we pulled it off, it was a really great day and night.

I got my creativeness on. I must say its so weird how sometimes I get free time but I'm not 'in the mood' to create or make anything. But last week after prepping the next MARTAN Jewellery line, I got all excited and started to make bring out all everything from my large fabric box and I got my creative on. I'm still working at it, but I will post shots once I'm completed!

Identity is what we use to define ourselves. It is unique and no identity is ever the same. I find it somewhat weird the notion that we would compromise our own identity for the sake of others, society, etc... It is the most valuable thing we receive in life. From what you wear, do, love and live, it is your own. 
Identity is key Lovelies.