Style Diary - Suited? Brights

Winter Blacks are no longer. Brights are the new black... or they're at least trying to.

As fashion trends filter down slowly down the chain, Spring 2011 colours notably led by Prada are making their way into stores. Welcome the brights. Not too neon, not too pastel, just high concentrated colour. 

My wardrobe has the occasional splash of colour. Generally when it comes to accessories and the random print. Whilst on my travels in Malaysia I came across these pair of pants in a shop window, as cliche as that sounds. The colour struck me back in February, and now its only fitting to wear them. 


Adding my own style to the trend I paired the pants with a cropped blazer, deep neck tee, vintage mini briefcase and matching bandage sandals. The blazer crops at the waist, letting the full pant show adding height whilst the cuff and vintage briefcase add some vintage 'me' to the mix.

Regardless of any trends I always have to put my own spin onto it. I hate the concept of 'dressing like a mannequin' which to me translates to 'no personal style'.

This is my smart casual 'Brights' look. Enjoy!

Blazer - H&M
T-Shirt Country Road
Pants Unbranded from Malaysia
Sandals Rubi
Bag Vintage
Cuff Marc by Marc Jacobs
Rings H&M