[T-B/L-R] Vogue/Harper's Bazaar-ing, Will & Grace-ing and Cake...and Cake!

I started my first day of my last semester of uni.

This week uni started. Hopefully my last semester of my course, I'm eagerly waiting my completion! As it is slowly becoming more and more final that it is my final semester my plans for the future are looming and need to be sorted out. I've got so many ideas of what I want to do that it's somewhat hard to decide one the most appropriate one.

With uni on the brain, I've gotta get some balance. Enjoying the sun and with good magazines. Its a great way for me to wind down from a busy day, and then if I get bored I stocked up on Will & Grace so I've got no excuse.

I had two 21st birthdays on the weekend. Its nice to get all dressed up for these events. Its funny how in high school I used to wonder about the days when I'd be 21 and now fast forward a few years and I'm at that stage where everyone is hitting their 21st.

I consider that we begin things at the end of another. Though we live on life I believe that we can pack as much or as little as we want to. We have the ability to open doors and close those behind. The only thing that does stop us is the fear of what is on the otherside, the fear that you lack confidence or ability. Life to me is all about the beginnings; the more the merrier.