Style Diary - Everything is Better in Wideleg

I'm expanding my pants collection...

I go through my phases with silhouettes. I like to change up my silhouette, since I'm not a colour or print person. I love love loved me some skinny jeans, then drop crotch and finally leggings. Now though from the skinny to the drop I've come to be fond of the wide leg pant.   

Moving on from jeans I'm becoming more and more fond of trousers and different fabrics. I find that wide legs can add height and strength to a look. Though not my average day look, but wide leg pants are a new addition to my growing wardrobe.

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For this look I paired the pants with my cropped savage print jacket. The cropped jacket helps to again add length and height to the pant. I added a thin belt to break up the black. 

Accessories wise I wore a bronze armour ring, my Jeffery Campbell Switchblades and my Banane Birkin Tote; for colour and pop. 

Anyone can add wide legs to their wardrobe, play it up with cropped jackets and coats. Pair it with some boots or heels and you've got yourself a sleek and structured look. 

Jacket - H&M 
Tank - Bonds
Pants - Basque
Ring - Diva
Bag - Banane Birkin
Shoes - Jeffery Campbell