[T-B/L-R] Getting my creative on, Fineish wine + Food + Dance with my Lovelies

Last week was my week off... in a long time.

Having finished my winter term I had one week off before going back to uni for Semester 2. Having no plans or work I wanted to ensure that my last week of full freedom was utilized properly.

I finally broke out the old sewing machine and decided to make something out of all of the fabric I collect. It was actually going by pretty well, learning as I go... then I broke a part of my sewing machine... Never fear I ordered a replacement part and I'm back online to finish my piece. I'll show it off as soon as it's done!

With free time I got to hang out with my lovelies, dinners, coffees and the like. I do like having nothing but hours for conversation or window shopping. Great way to spend a day. 

My changes to MARTAN Jewellery are coming on slowly but surely. On the MARTAN Facebook there is a new Style Page with all products and links to purchase. Also this month's deal is exclusive to my lovely MARTAN Facebook Fans! With any purchase of an 'Agate Heart Necklace' MARTAN Facebook fans will get a 'Hooty Ring' free! Exciting stuff! Just to thank my lovelies and if you aren't one why not like the MARTAN Facebook for exclusive offers and updates!   

The combination of time and our memories can lead us to forget. 
Why we do this is sometimes natural and at others something that is totally beyond me. 
I learnt last week that I hold a strong importance to hold onto things in the past. Sure the past can be rough, regretful and highly embarrassing but its those things you take into the present and then to the future that shapes who you are and who you will become. You can't be too busy or have any excuse to acknowledge the past. 
It's just as important as what's to come.