[T-B/L-R] Agate Hearts, Movies, Train to the beyond and my last Design Project.

Last week was the end and the beginning of many.

It was my final week of my winter term and my communication design minor. As much as I want to be rid of this uni course as soon as tomorrow, the sheer actions of leaving a classroom for the last time or even submitting that last piece of work was weird. I can remember in High School I always wanted to go and study in Prahran, though given I do also study in Lilydale as apart of my course it's funny how things fall into place.

I had a somewhat of a movie marathon with my movie companion/best friend/wifey Krystal. We saw the last Harry Potter Film and Bridesmaids. Love love loved Bridesmaids but with Potter I was left wanting more or at least a bit disappointed I blame as it is the last film there is nothing to look forward to anymore, unless you're one of those Twilight fans (which I am not).

MARTAN Jewellery will be revamped in a matter of weeks. Having been operational since April I've had some ideas in my brain I'm eager to try, and now seeing that I have some spare time I'm putting my ideas into motion. So don't fear the shop will be there but things will be changing so stay tuned lovelies!

Laughter is sometimes the best and only medicine. 
When life throws you a bone, an irony or even a twist of fate its easy to wallow and ponder. Laughter is the best cure, not to make fun but to release all of the frustration and emotion without looking or doing something crazy. I've done a lot of laughing last week, some funny and some ironic. 
All the same, all good medicine.