[T-B/L-R] Style Diary shots, cupcaking, cocktails and coffee!

Just my luck.. literally

My laptop is broken (*sniff). Think Sex and the City when Carrie gets the 'sad mac', I was mortified when I turned on my laptop only to have to turn blue and then restart and then turn blue... and then restart. Not happy. Its thrown off my posts last week and no doubt till I get it fixed or replaced. Ironically I was planning to get a hard drive to back up my work on the weekend... damn I was too late!

Busy with uni and work, I'm trying to juggle everything (and then laptop issues) I managed to catch up with my lovelies for food and conversations and cocktails. Fun fun fun. 

This week I'm getting ready for Sydney! Fashion Week, Family and fingers crossed some shopping!

Luck. I believe in it at times. And then other times I think it's silly.
I have this ring, and when I wear it I think things tend to go my way. Though I don't wear it a lot as not to waste my luck. Weird no?
 Maybe I should believe it in a tad bit more. Damn sad PC...